so im still in recovery from the 28th op (april).

Still on crutchersish none at home, 1 at school and 2 if im really tired or sore which tends to be alot! wondering if anyone else has a prosthesis, mines in my hip to knee from ewings sarcoma…..

Id love to hear about yours and recovery time too coz mine seems to be a lot longer than last time…..


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001456974461 Sara Batt

    hi hannah

    I totally feel your pain with recovery. I was diagnosed with medulloblastoma 7 years ago. Doctors had finally found the tumer after I had it 5 years before. I can’t remember having surgery, just that my recovery had been horrible. I couldn’t hold anything in my stomach or move that much at all. Even though I have gradually become better at those things, there are still some things I lack. Like holding a pencil with one hand.

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