Osteosarcoma.. love the fighters,survivors and the taken

well ive been in the hospital know for about a month:( ive switched to a new one:) and im doing radiaion and chemo so hopefully ill achieve remisson and wont relapse again. relapsing is hard espically 3 times and when u go into cardiac arrest and when the doc tells u ur gonna die. but so far ive proved all of them wrong and ima keep doing that:) ive had to deal with so much and ive had so many friend with cancer that i practically know everything about every form lol just kiding:) if anyone ever needs to talk you can email me @ spidygoalie@yahoo.com im a good listener and talker:) <3 (think about the fighters survivors and the taken)

  • Joey Heil

    Wow!! you’ve gone through alot. i could of never done that. i was diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago but haven’t had treatment nearly as hard as that. you are AMAZINGLY STRONG!!!

    good luck and hang in there

  • http://yahoo Cheryl Defrain

    I have a 17 yr old daughter recently diagnosed with Osteosacoma (10/4/10) and is coming up on having an amputation done on 1/26/11 (due to her cancer). She also is turning 18 on 1/17/11. Anyone out here with some words of encouragement???

    Mom/ cheryl

    • isela

      I know that all this is hard, but soon end.. Your daughter
      will be a happy girl. Trust in God..

  • vincent

    My dear brothers and sisters in the lord Jesus Christ…i just want to use this little time to encourage you…i no its painful to see one`s friend or family with a sickness, or pains… but i just want to let you know that taking medication is good but there is one supernatural power that will heal you or your friend if you believe in him…. is name is Jesus Christ….he is the foundation of life, he is the healer, he is the great physician, he is the Saviour…GOD HAS DESTINE YOU TO RECEIVE GRACE, SALVATION AND ENTERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST….i will like to encourage you, if you have not receive him in your life or your friend receive him now and be heal, if you have receive him believe in him and break the sickness or pain with the power of the Lord..in prayer THE LORD IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW, GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU CALL ON HIM,MAY IS KINDNESS AND MERCY BE ONTO YOU OR YOUR FRIEND IN JESUS NAME………..AMEN

  • lucy

    Cheryl your daughter will get through this we had the same thing 17yr old diagnosed with osteosarcoma in ankle his amputation was jan 10 and now in remission. He now has a wonderful girlfreind and all his freinds that had not been around much are back, he walks without a limp you wouldn’t actually know he had a prosthesis unless told. its a long hard road but when you get to the end life can get back to normal even with a false leg. Confidence and freinds are a major part of being this age but she will get their, love to you all. we scoured the internet for success stories and there are many out there xxxxx

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