heyy guys well you might of read my other posts as spidysarah… but i came back to give an update. im on my 3rd relapse and ive been in the hospital a while because the week i was suppose to start chemo i got phneumonia when that went away i got a heart infection. the doc told me he didnt think chemo would work:( but after only 1 week the tumors have shrunk almost down to there half size:) i get to leave here in 2 weeks and go home and do outpaient care:)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1418506762 Sarah Sims

    HEEY sarah its sarah, from SBW. sorry about the complcations. at least you get to go home soon. hope things work out so u can go home

  • hereforme

    im praying for you hopefully the chemo will continue to work

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