Wowz. yeah..I don’t really know what to say…it just pretty much sucks having to wear a wig and’s itchy, uncomfortable, and totally not what I planned to put out for myself this year. Throwing up all the time is not just’s downright annoying. And having people not know what your going through is the worst part. It’s  a secret, and it’s gonna stay a secret.

You guys rock.

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  • Sarah Sims

    when i first loost my hair i though i would wear a wig all that time. but i love it. i think it looks good.i still have wigs if i feel like getting all dressed up. is ur wig real hair or fake?? Throwing up is a hassle. you lose intress in eat then you get a NG tube witch i dont like. i did not want to tell my friends at first. but when i did it felt good. but they still dont understand what im going threw.

    • alexandra

      i agree about the hair thing. i CANNOT be doing with wigs all the time. but you can wear some fun ones, and they look good because you haven’t got hair to get in the way :D and i sympathise so much about the throwing up thing, because i don’t actually throw up much at all. i don’t know why, my doctor says you get the odd person here and there. and my friend used her NG to help a mustache stay on. and as for the people thing… a lot of my “frinds” drifted away. i mean it’s not like they can catch it or anything. they act really weird. <3 to you all and good luck and stuff :D

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