Chemo, love hate relationship.

I hate chemo. I hate it so much, the nausea, the jelly knees, the fatigue, the vomitting, the hair in the bottom of the shower and all over my pillow and in my hands. There are so many terrible side effects, the cure can be worse than the disease.

However, its the cure, and it will make me better. Its the only thing that will get rid of the cancer, and its helping me.

Its very weird to hate the thing saving your life this much.

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  • alexandra

    I AGREEEE so VERY VERY much with you. it’s DISGUSTING. and i hate how long your hair takes to go, too. it took mine a couple of weeks, and it was AWFUL waiting for it to go. and then it tries to grow back and all the leg hair and you eyebrows recover and then fall out again and it gets everywhere and is generally awful and just EUUGHH. <3<3<3<3<3 lots of love and empathy and sympathy and everything. xxxxxxx

    • Milly

      I have also recently had chemo and for me the worst thing was loosing the hair which I know is extremely vain but you know teenage girl. And I totally understand what you say about the whole love hate relationships and things. when i first found out i was going to have to have chemo after the first treatment it really did only take a week or so then i woke up and it was all over the pillow that was so scary so i took my dads shaver shaved it all of and then bought a bright bluey purple wig which looked really cool. In a way i am so thankful of chemo because its saving my life but right here and now i hate it :( know what your going through exactly and much much love and sympathy to both of you :) xxxx

  • Erin Cahalin

    Been there done that away of coping (or my way of coping) is lisning to my faviorte bands and talking to my friends or I did because im done you WILL get through it trust!! yoou will have your up and downs but in the end it willl be an up to rid your-self of it!

  • alexandra

    yeah losing my hair was awful. i thought i looked like an alien XD but it’sjust how in between sessions the fine hairs always grow back a tiny bit and then fall out again. not very impressed with it to be honest. <3

  • miss friendly

    you go girl :)

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