Hey guys mine names Meghan Im new to the site but I think its soooo great already! Im seventeen and Ive had a brain tumor(JPA) since I was six. (It was ten years this last September.) Ive gone though several rounds of chemo once when I was eight and now Im on Evastin and Iranitican(sp?). Several years ago the tumor on my spin grew severly and I was put in a wheelchair and had radiation. About a year and ALOT of therepy later I began walking again but Im still a huge kluts lol! I have a pretty lighthearted attitude about my cancer and make jokes about it all the time cuz thats just how I am. My only real problem I have is my physical appearence. I hate how short I am because of the radiation (4’9!) and my back has severe kyphosis and scoliosis. So because of these I have no luck with boys and that really gets to me some times. But other than that cancer is somethimg Ive lived with for so long I dont know any different so¬†for me its no big deal.

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    Hi Meghan, my name is Sara and I am 16. I am so sorry about the effects of brain cancer. But know it will get better. I was diagnosed with brain cancer too. I can’t believe how much you say is similar to me. If you ever get on again we should talk about it.

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