UGH! what to do…..

hmmm so i am 3 years in remission and had a ewings sarcoma in my right femur and hip. i had a year of chemo and a prosthesis (fake bone) put in. it has now broken and since been declared ‘faulty’ and i am havign surgery in 2 weeks! i am really not sure how to feel about it…… it brings back memories of friends that are no longer here and i am ok with it one moment and havign nightmares and waking up crying in my sleep or having mini break downs just randomly.. anyone feelign the same at the moment?? im kinda feelign a bit lost!!!





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  • hannah

    haha just realised there are so many mistakes! sorry about that!

  • Jade Frost

    I am sorry to hear that! I guess laughing is the best medicine so don’t stop living life go out and make more good memories!

    • hannah

      thanks Jade!!!

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