I got my test results. They found two cysts in my groin. going to the ogyn (yuck) sometime next week. Hopefullly the pain will go away. I just want it to be next week.

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  • hannah

    Praying for you Domi!!!!! the pain does go away eventually, but you are your own drug! rely on yourself and not those around to take away the pain1 you must be strong! (and by that i did not mean wat it sounds!) i mean that yes there may be painkillers but if you are strong and believe in yourself and keep positice it is just as good! best of luck!

  • vincent

    My dear brothers and sisters in the lord Jesus Christ…i just want to use this little time to encourage you…i no its painful to see one`s friend or family with a sickness, or pains… but i just want to let you know that taking medication is good but there is one supernatural power that will heal you or your friend if you believe in him…. is name is Jesus Christ….he is the foundation of life, he is the healer, he is the great physician, he is the Saviour…GOD HAS DESTINE YOU TO RECEIVE GRACE, SALVATION AND ENTERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST….i will like to encourage you, if you have not receive him in your life or your friend receive him now and be heal, if you have receive him believe in him and break the sickness or pain with the power of the Lord..in prayer THE LORD IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW, GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU CALL ON HIM,MAY IS KINDNESS AND MERCY BE ONTO YOU OR YOUR FRIEND IN JESUS NAME………..AMEN

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1644841150 Domi

      Thank you!! I appreciate you taking the time to message me. I trust solely on God. I went to the dr and everything is fine (:

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