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Hello My name is Gabe, and I was 16 when I found out found out I had cancer. It started at the beggining of last christmas break (2009). I came home from my last day of high school finals and took a nap when I woke up I was in unbearable pain. I ended up going to the hospital to find out I had appendicitis, they took me in to remove it and afterwards said that I had what they thaught was a complex ovarian cyst caused by the appendicits and that it should go away though they seemed a little antsy. I was told to follow up though… and when I did I found out that I actually had a stage one Epithelial tumor of the ovary (I had been having bloating and urinary issues as well). I recently had a salpingo-oophorectomy and am feeling better. Hoping I won’t have to go through chemo and that it will not rcurr in the left ovary. I’d loved to talk to anyone going though something similar. I am told it isn’t really considered a teen cancer but that it can occur in teens.

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  • Gabe Haas

    I connected with facebook if anyone wants to talk. Also I have been making my way though the site and am finding the information very helpful. The Cancer 101 videos were inspiring to watch :)
    Also I would love to make a shout out here to Keenan Brooks, He was in my class and did track with me in school. In May 2006 he was diagnosed with Pleomorphic Sarcoma. Everyone Supported him and his infectious happiness was never diminished despite brain surgery and intense therapy sessions. Some of the teachers even shaved their heads for him. In our Eighth grade year he died. The whole school was devastated. There is now a track meet held every year in honor of him, The Keenan Brooks Invitational. We love you Keenan!

  • Kganya

    Hi, Gabe. When I was 12ish but mostly 13, my tummy also became mysteriously bloated and bigger. I would have the habit of patting it because it was like I was pregnant. I told my mom and she thought it was nothing. But then I had these terrible cramps kept me up at night and finally I went to the doctor. She told me that there was definitely something in there. And I had to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound which resulted in me going to the ER. And I had a granulocyte cell tumor, which was contained but cancerous. Thank God, though, when I had surgery I didn’t wake up with a portacath, which meant the cancer didn’t spread. So. I understand what you kind of went through. And will pray that you don’t get cancer. But they had to take my left ovary so, it really isn’t a fun thing. But, God bless, and I hope you stay disease-free!


  • Brittany

    i was diagnosed at the same time which was 10 days after my birthday so much for freshman year being done in two months i have leukimia and yours sounds alot more painful

  • lettie

    Heyy I’m undergoing tests for ovarian cancer if you wanna talk me email is xx

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