This sucks!

Having cancer sucks! I lost my best friend the day after Christmas due to cancer. It hasn’t been the same without him! I am so upset. I have a scan at the end of the month. If it comes back saying that I have relapsed again, (I have been through treatment twice) I am not sure what I am going to do. I dont think I can handle this again! I don’t understand why kids and teenagers have to deal with cancer! It’s HORRIBLE! ugh.

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  • Chelsea Rose

    I am so sorry. That is a horrible situation. I hope you have good results on your upcoming scan. I know that those scans create a lot of stress. Cancer definitley does suck majorly!
    Stay strong!

    • Domi

      Thanks. Yea. I have so much to worry about. I have my mom make the appointments for the dr and stuff so that I dont have to really think about it.
      But I have come to realize something, everything happens for a reason. And I think the reason I got sick was to meet my two best friends even though one of them passed away.
      All I know is that if it werent for them, i might not be as strong as i am today.


  • hannah

    im gald you are staying positiv Domi! dotn let it get to hun! stay strong and believe! i lost a lot of my best friends during and after my treatment too and it is really hard! cancer is the worst thing to have to live through and it totaaly SUCKS lol.
    thinking and praying for you!

  • Bailey

    DOMI! may peace and calmness be with you and everyone around you. This is totally unfair and no one deserves this, but I just want to tell you that you are such an amazing person for being able to handle this. Please know you are loved so much and that there are people all over praying for the same result that you are. If you ever need to talk email me at Day or night! or even facebook me :)

    keep smiling!

  • Domi

    Got the results back and i have a cyst on both of my ovaries, but NO CANCER!!!! going to a new dr monday to see what she has to say.
    i just found out two of my friends that live in vegas with me got rediagnosed this past week. and one of my best friends who lives in missouri got rediagnosed :/. he is moving back here for treatment and is actually going to live with me. he has family issues. so please keep all of them in your prayers. i just wish cancer was never here! it makes my heart hurt for people our age that have to go through such horrible things just like i did.
    ill let you guys know what the other dr says on monday.

    • JesSsiiCaa

      Hope everything will get better for you and your friend. Cancer really sucks but like you said everything happens for a reasons, im a survivor for 3 yrs now and sometimes i still think about it … but you just have to stay strong and never give up. Good Luck on everything .

  • hannah

    thats sooo good abotu you! i will pray for you all and i completely agree! cancer is sumthing NOONE should ever have to go through! thinking of u all! best of luck!!!

  • hannahshambley

    Hey Domi, my names hannah and i’m twelve but I have suffered through alot, not with cancer but with loss of an uncle when i was 8 from the cancer ALL, and my bestfriend in a recent accident. I’ve been searching for a pen-pal forever, i know, lame right? ahha, i don’t know, it just comforts me to know i can be here for someone like people were when i lost my loved ones. If you want to talk anytime you can myspace me, facebook, or snail mail -email, it’s whatever. I hope to hear from you soon, and i hope your going well. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this painful situation.
    Hannnah. <3.

    • Domi

      Hey Hannah!
      I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry for the late reply! I find comfort in pen-pals as well. My email is Or you can find me on Facebook. would love to hear from you. hope you are doing ok (:

      <3 Domi

  • Sarah Sparks

    hey i know how you feel ive relapesed before and i know it gets harder and hader each time but you still have to eep up the fight everything happens for a reason and just pray that your pet scan is clear if you ever want to talk you can email me @ myspace me @ i know what its like its good to have someone to talk to

  • Daniel Martinez

    I am just so amazed to hear the comments from so many teens. I am a 43 yr old parent. My daughter Alyssa was diagnosed with brain cancer on Aug 20 of this year, and it has completely changed our lives!!……I can not and will never understand what she is going through. I have shown her this website mainly to show her she is not alone in this. She is currently in radiation treatment and doing good. Her tumor is inoperable and she is 19 years old. We are currently doing treatments at MD Anderson in Houston, Tx. I am really looking for someone or some teens to connect with my daughter.

    Thanks in advance and God Bless You All!!!

    • Domi

      Hey Daniel,
      I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I would love the chance to talk to your daughter. I am on 16 but I have been through treatment twice. If she is interested in talking to someone, dont hesitate to let me know. My email is
      Praying for you and your family.

      God Bless,

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