15-Years-Old and Newly Diagnosed

Hey everyone. My name is Nicole and I live in Maine. Two days ago I was diagnosed with 2 different kinds of cancer, leukemia (ALL), and Ewing’s sarcoma. My doctor told me it’s really rare to have two types, which I guess makes sense – it’s rare enough to have just one! I’m starting chemo tomorrow, and I’m pretty scared. I know a little about what to expect, since I’ve been researching, but I’d like some input from you guys (and girls!), too. I’m really worried about some of the side effects, especially since I also have Chronic Lyme Disease, so I’m on antibiotics for at least the next year already. I’m just really scared, so any support I could get would help a lot! Thanks! :)

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  • http://allwayslove.tumblr.com Kganya

    Hi Nicole,

    I am definitely going to pray for you ma dear. It must be pretty scary having ALL and Ewing’s Sarcoma. You are a strong girl. Everyone gets affected by the side dffects differently. I was lucky and I don’t get very nauseous like some people do. But I have ALL so I can relate with you there. So, I will just be saying that I’m praying for you, and you can visit my blog if you like. I’m not sure if you can email me somehow bowt, I will figure that out.

    Best of luck and God Bless,

  • http://www.facebook.com/LeahAShearer Leah Shearer

    Hey there Nikki,

    Keep your chin up isn’t easy to say when you get news like that. I know…I’ve been there.
    I’m the program coordinator for the Teens Living with Cancer chapter here in Rochester NY and I too am a (two time) cancer survivor.

    I also had chronic health problems even before cancer even came into the picture. Glad you found our site. How did you find out about us?

    There’s lots of teens who know what you are going through….We’re here for you. Do you mind me asking how old you are Nikki?


  • http://formspring.me/ImmaShawty hannah

    hey Nicole!! i know what its like to ewings sarcoma! i had a large tumor in my leg which was ewings about 3 1/2 years ago. my prayers are with you and if you ever need to tlk my e mail is hannah1996@optusnet.com.au xx

  • Nikki

    Thanks, both of you.
    Leah, I’m 15 (just turned 15 two days before I was diagnosed!) I found the site through Nick News, actually, when they had that special. I happened to find it on the Nick website the other day and came right over here. I love the site so far – it’s very informative!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1504727785 Steven Lee

    Hey Nikki,

    Things may be a bit out of the ordinary at first since your body isn’t familiar with Chemo but give it time and stay Strong and you’ll get used to the process.
    I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia last April so I know what you are feeling.

    Everyone’s side effects are indeed different but a few of my side effects where
    -Constant Nose Bleeds
    -Loss of Appetite
    -Vomiting with various chemos
    -Occasionally being more tired then usuall

    Stay Positive, Maintain Hope, and things will be just fine!


  • jose guillermo

    Hi my friend. dont worry.. I know what kind feelings we have in this moments.
    Im survivor Ewing Sarcoma, finished treatment last september 2009, now Im fine. remember is just time, and trust in God… He knows what to do!!!
    only be patient and cooperate… My mail is joseguilermoruizmartinez@yahoo.com.mx
    Im from Mexico,City..
    I like you want to write me.. is interesting talk and talk.

    To nauses I ate so much lemmon ice cream… delicious! help me so much. and no nauseas…

    You will be fine… keep in touch.

  • StaceeySTARSHIP

    hey there ,
    im 15 and i was just reading your story ….. i think your very brave , i dont have cancer but was thinking about how people must feeling getting news like that . i could only image how scared you must feel. i dont beliave in god but im gonna prey for you. im always scared that im gonna get cancer or something bad is gonna happen… im awlalys thinking about how i could wake up one day and get news of something like this and then think back to a week ago when i diidnt know this and was happy ….. i guess the saying really is true … you dont know wht u got intill its gone …. or like live each day like its the last ……….. i realy dont know what this message was about but i just felt like saying something ……. be strong xxx

  • valemeier

    Hey Nicole!
    I think your story is pretty amazing, you are so strong, so brave, i really admire you for being like that. I actualy got into this page because I am writting a book, and I think it would be great if you could tell me more about what’s going on so I could write more about it, I would like to write about you, I think you are incredible, hope you to reply soon, keep strong!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1120239827 Chelsea

    Hey Nicole,
    I was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in June of 2008. I was cured in May 2009. I am now 15 also. So I kinda understand what you will be going through. I wish you the best with your treatment. If you have any questions dont hesitate to email me at rosejune@myspace.com I know I wished I had someone to talk to that understood what I was going through. It gets frusterating when no body really understands.Im here to help! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1120239827 Chelsea Rose

    Hey nicole,
    Im not sure if you got my last message because it never showed up haha.
    I am 15 also and was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma. I am now finsished with treatment. I just wanted to be here for you if you wanted to talk to anyone who has been through somewhat of the same thing. I know I wished I had someone who understood. I gave you the wrong email last time so heres the new one rosejune15@aol.com
    Stay strong!

  • Emily Taylor

    Hi Nicole!

    im am extremely sorry to hear about this and I know you must be terrified! cancer is a nasty thing. And although its hard to always understand, i truly believe that sometimes God gives us these things and while we see them as curses, they can really be a blessing in disguse. I’ll be praying for you everychance I get and good luck with your chemo. feel free to email me if you need to talk
    its Oceanavenue256@aol.com

    Your sister in Christ,

  • Brittany

    i to have ALL and chemo is not as scary as it may sound just stay strong

  • Sophie

    Hey. I’m 15 too and I also just got diagnosed. Luckily, I have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is among the most treatable cancers, so I only have to go through 4 rounds of chemo. I’ve already done 2. It’s true that usually the side effects get worse as you get more chemo, but each round also makes you stronger. Don’t be scared, really. Just know that no matter what side effects you get and how you feel after and during chemo, you will always come out stronger and braver than you were before. We’re all praying for you, stay strong and know that God is with you every second of every day, holding your hand during chemo. If you want to talk or have any questions, feel free to email me: hobhMileycf@gmail.com :)

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