New Leukemia Patient. Struggling with Chemo.

I am Makayla. I live in NY. I have been newly diagnosed with ALL. I have been on heavy chemo for two weeks now. Please help me with support. I have been getting lots of bloody noses and coughing up blood. Also throwing up blood. My doctor says it is just a side effect. but I dont believe her. Any adice? I am 14 BTW.

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  • Kganya

    Hi Mikayla!

    I’m Kganya and have been newly diagnosed with ALL too. I don’t have much experience with bleeding but could talk with you about it if you like. I am also 14 so I can understand.

    I’ll pray for you,


    and my website is and also I am making a blog for my cancer journey at

    I don’t know if I want to post my email address on here but will try to think of a way to contact you.


  • Sherene Fedor

    good luck makayla with everythingg

  • Nikki

    Hey Makayla! I’m 15, and I was just diagnosed with ALL and Ewing’s Sarcoma 3 days ago. I just started chemo today, so I don’t know much about the bleeding, but I think you can trust your doctor. I know a lot of chemo medication can make you nauseous, though I’m not sure what’s causing the bleeding. Was the doctor you went to an oncologist or your general practitioner? If it was your oncologist, you could probably believe her, but if you really think she’s wrong, go ahead and get a second opinion. It always helps to be sure!

  • Steven Lee

    Hey Makayla,

    Going through Chemo almost a year ago I experienced the same side effects.A few of my nose bleeds lasted for 6-7 hrs at a time I know they aren’t fun but it’s part of the process…Hang in there things will be just fine


    IF you ever need some extra advice i’ll do my best to share my experience with you feel free to email me

  • hannahshambley

    Hey MaKayla, my names hannah and i’m twelve but I have suffered through alot, not with cancer but with loss of an uncle when i was 8 from the cancer ALL, and my bestfriend in a recent accident. I’ve been searching for a pen-pal forever, i know, lame right? ahha, i don’t know, it just comforts me to know i can be here for someone like people were when i lost my loved ones. If you want to talk anytime you can myspace me, facebook, or snail mail -email, it’s whatever. I hope to hear from you soon, and i hope your going well. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this painful situation.
    Hannnah. <3.

  • Sarah Sparks

    its a side effect you dont have to worry my thoughts and prays are with you if you wanna talk you can email me @ or myspace me @

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