Im New To The Cancer World

Hiya.. My Name Is Thomas. I Live In Kansas And Was Diagnosed With Cancer last night.. i am here to connect

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hi and welcome Thomas. Nice to meet you through this internet universe…

    I’m Leah Shearer, program coordinator for TLC here in Rochester NY. I’m a cancer survivor myself (though no longer a teen). How are you doing with all this? What was your diagnosis, if you don’t mind sharing?

    I had thyroid cancer and Hodgkins Lymphoma myself.
    Well, Thomas, you have come to the right place. Come on everyone…let’s welcome Thomas.


  • Gidian

    Hi! My name is Gidian and I am a cancer survivor. I have been cancer- free for 8 years now. I was diagnosed 3 months before my 4th birthday. I had Ewings Sarcome ( bone cancer) in my right leg. Now, I have an endoprosthesis and knee replacement in that leg.hat type of cancer were you diagnosed with? Have the drs. talked about what treatment and what options you have? ` Gidian 13

  • Gidian

    btw here is my email :

  • Jose Guillermo

    Hi Thomas, here is my mail
    if you want to talk is important and interesting
    what kind of cancer do you have?
    I had sarcoma ewing, and one year treatment, finished in September 2009
    now, Im o.k and back school
    How old are you? Im 17 years old.

  • hannah

    hi thomas, if u ever need to talk to any1… i am always here my email is i am a ewings sarcoma survior, 4 yrs in remission. feel free to drop a line anytime. best wishes

  • Makayla

    I am new as well. I was diagnosed on February 3rd with ALL. I have heavy doses of chemo once a week. It is hard so if you need anyone drop me a line at

    • Sherene Fedor

      hey my name is sherene,
      i just started my treatment about a month ago. i am on some pretty heavy chemo as well…i live in New York.. if you ever need someone to talk to or just wanna talk i have a facebook.. SHerene Fedor…or you can email me


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