im 17 with lymphoma

Hey im Ciera im 17 years old and i was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma in late august. I am on a ALL protocol even though i have lymphoma.  I have completed the first stage of treatment and am now in remission.  I joined this site because i would like to be able to talk with people my age that actually understand what i am going through.

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  • Leah Shearer

    Hey Ciera,

    Nice to meet you…through the internet…
    I’m no longer a teen, but I am the program coordinator for the Rochester chapter of TLC…and I’m a two time cancer survivor myself. One of the cancers I had was Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    In any case…I know how hard it can be to deal with this big “C”. Let’s be honest…it stinks, huh?
    There are a lot of people here on the net…and also in person here in Rochester who can understand what this is like.


  • Julian Nangauta

    hi julian nangauta and Im 15 years old. when I knew that I had cancer.I did not think anything of it because everyone is going to die,but my uncle told me that get your act together so did.the thing I did not know was that i was going to move.I had to move in the states. I lived in guam. I had to leave my big family.I cried and cried because i did not want to go.All my life have been moveing place to place.Now everyday i cry because i don’t see my big family.I even have dreams of going back home.when I got in the hospitol i did not want to talk to anyone but i got used to it. the chemo made me so emotional.I was punching walls and yelling, but what made it wers was the

  • Crystal

    Hi i am 17 as well, and i have a few questions… I have a lump on my neck it’s 7 centimeters. and the doctors are sending me on a run around.. like blood work, ultra sounds. I have a mri on friday, and a possible biopsy all my lymph nodes are swollen like on my groin, armpits. and i want to know if you can tell me some of your symptoms, im nervous.

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