Thirteen going on thirty…

A little over a month after being diagnosed.

A little over a month after being diagnosed.

Carrie and her little boyfriend Morgan July 2009

Carrie a couple of months before cancer.

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  • Carries Aunt


    Don’t hate me for posting your pics. I just wanted to show everyone how strong you really are. This disease is harsh, but you are fighting it with grace and dignity. When you lost your hair, I thought you would be devestated, but you accepted it better than most grown people. I know that you and your mom never liked for people to point out how beautiful you are, but you are beautiful. Beauty radiates from deep within you and pours out of every cell in your body. I just want the world to see how strong and beautiful Carrie Redus is.

  • Ranay Guilfoyle

    You will always be beautiful. I remember how I felt happier just seeing you walk into the library. You have such a sweet soul. I know you are strong and courageous but remember you are not alone. You have family and friends who think of you and love you constantly.

  • tanya

    Dear Carrie, my 14 year old son is going through chemo also so I have an idea of how hard this is. I can tell you that this is hard for your family too but lean on them, let them hold you and help you through this time. I know you are going through many emotions-don’t be afraid to talk about them and let your family know how they can help you. Hopefully soon life can get back to “normal”

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