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Hi everyone.  My name is Megan Hesse and I am 17.  I was diagnosed with ALL in December 09.  Because of my weak immune system I came down with phnemonia and became septic twice.  I also had possible signs of GVH though thats gone now and an infection in my intestines.  I had to undergo a bone marrow transplant because my doctors were sure that my leukemia was going to return.  I’m just looking to find other teens who have gone through or are going through what I have.  : )

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  • Makayla

    Hello. I was diagnosed with ALL on February 3, 2010. I had pneumonia and the flu twice. I was sick with colds constantly. After finding out, I cried alot. I’m scared and have no clue what to expect. I have never missed a day of school for 3 years, I dont want to start now.

  • hannah

    hey megan! whatever you do, stay positive. i know this sounds really rude but feelign sorry for yourslef doesnt get you anywhere. you need to get out and do whatever you can! i honestly dont mean to sound mean but trust me i know! i had a Ewings sarcoma when i was nine years old and am now 13 and have been in remission for 4 years. never give up hope, stay positive, believe in yourself and always remember, you are never alone!!! i am always here if u need help!! best of luck!

  • hannahshambley

    Hey Megan, my names hannah and i’m twelve but I have suffered through alot, not with cancer but with loss of an uncle when i was 8 from the cancer ALL, and my bestfriend in a recent accident. I’ve been searching for a pen-pal forever, i know, lame right? ahha, i don’t know, it just comforts me to know i can be here for someone like people were when i lost my loved ones. If you want to talk anytime you can myspace me, facebook, or snail mail -email, it’s whatever. I hope to hear from you soon, and i hope your going well. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this painful situation.
    Hannnah. <3.

  • http://none miss friendly

    im 13 and would love to chat to you E-mail me at

  • Luis

    GO! I am luis. I have ALL. I am going well… but i am still afraid about it… is the life. The LIFE of a Warrior :)

  • Quinton Cook

    Hey Im Quinton, I was diangnosed with ALL June 22, 2010 right after my high school graduation. I was kinda planing on a cruse grad present, but instead I got Leukemia! It was an epic trade lol! Thats the thing about this though, you’ve gotta eaither laugh or cry there’s no inbetween. Ive done my share of both, (more of the latter lately, not gonna lie)but try to smile on a daliy basis though, with or with out pain meds, hahaha :D

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