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well basically, after me and my family got back from a holiday in France in the holidays i found a lump on my neck… and long story short, a long stay in hospital and plenty of needles and scans later; I’ve got Hodgkins Lymphoma.

My sister had non-hodgkins a few years ago, so it was always in the back of my mind. When they told me it didn’t really sink in. I didn’t know how to react. It was all just so… surreal.

I’m having chemo now, and I’m on my third cycle. After the first two we went to see my consultant at the Marsden and now instead of seven days out of every month at the hospital its only two! Also he said the cancer is now 99% gone!

So, you can imagine how happy i was :)

At the mo i’m doing OK. Some of my fingers are a bit numb and my toes feel really weird.

Oh yeah i forgot! A few weeks after they told me the diagnosis and that i would need chemo, i knew my hair would fall out so i decided to shave it all off for charity. I did a fundraising evening also and i raised over £3000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign which is building the biggest teenage cancer unit for children in Europe (:

so… that’s me


p.s. sorry it was such an essay!

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  • Bryn Thomson Mugnolo

    Hey! I had hodgkins a few years ago and I’m fine now, but this site is a great place to talk about stuff. You have lots of support here :)

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