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This is carries aunt I am registering her now so that when she is able to focus on the internet she will be able to see this wonderful site.  My sister took Carrie into the hospital on September 9, 2009 since then Carrie has had two biopsies (the second one on her 13th birthday) and has had her first round of aggressive chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with  Undifferentiated Embryonal sarcoma of the liver that has spread to her lungs. It is now October 10, 2009 and she lost most of her hair last night.  I think she will enjoy being a part of your social community becuase she has not been able to enjoy being a teenager yet and you may be able to help her.

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  • Leila

    I think the hardest part, at first, is losing your hair. Although there is no physical pain, it still hurts. My sister had non-hodgkins and i now have hodgkins so i could turn to her to talk about it. Waking up in the morning an finding loads of it on your pillow is really painfull. Two weeks after i was dianosed i decided to shave all of my hair off for charity and raised over £3000. All you need to do is find a few positives in such a negative situation. (example; i dont have to shave my legs any more!)

  • Savy

    The hardest part is definitly losing your hair.But not having to shave for a couple months is great.If you dont shave it off right away color it some funky color. (I dyed my hair fire engine red) =)

  • Carries Aunt

    Carrie took loosing her hair better than I expected. As a matter of fact, It seemed like it was harder on her mom than it was for Carrie. I think you girls are so strong and probably less vain than about 95% of the population. Thank you for the ideas about the different ways to handle hair loss. Carrie was in a medically induced coma when most of her hair matted into one fine mess, and it was too late for making any decisions about charity. I think it is a great and generous thing to do, but I also think it is okay if you want to hold on to your hair as long as you can. I am pretty sure, as ahem ‘mature’ as I am, someone would have to hold me down as I kicked and screamed, before I would give up one strand of this heap of split ends and greys. Which, by the way, I wear in a messy pony tail 90% of the time. Like I said, you girls are exceptional, and I appreciate your comments left for Carrie. I think she will be on here soon, and she will appreciate your responses. I know I do. Thanks.

  • Ranay Guilfoyle

    My daughter was in elementary school with Carrie. We have kept her in our thoughts and prayers. I cannot know what she and her family are going through although I have lost my mother and stepfather through cancer. Please let Carrie know that Jennifer is thinking of her and I will keep my eye on this website.
    We love you Carrie!~

    • Carrie Aunt


      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Carrie is doing better than when she was first admitted into the hospital. We have a caringbridge site and update that with Carrie’s progress regularly. The website is

      Thank you,

      Lorre Ervin

  • emily

    hi i am emily i am 11 years old going threw lukimia and i took loosing my hair realy bad i was 10 at the time i thought that was the worst part up untill i got depressed and my body hurt and throwing up alot if you dont mind could you mail me at if carrie wants to i know im kind of yung but ive been looking for some one around my age that i can talk to but if not i can under stand just dont email me

    • Carrie Aunt

      Hello Emily,

      This is Carrie’s Aunt. Carrie has managed to keep the throwing up under control mainly because her mom insists on Carrie takinig zophran and phenergan(I am pretty sure I messed up the spelling) before she starts throwing up. She is also sore especially after surgeries,and scared of the upcoming surgery. She is taking it one day at a time and staying positive. Knowing that in the near future she will be cancer free and these days will keeps her marching on. Carrie has also taking knitting and is in the process of knitting a baby blanket for her cousins baby. The baby will be born shrtly before Carrie plans on being done with her treatment plan. Having a goal and staying positive helps her to heal faster. Make sure you have a goal and you stay positive so that one day you and Carrie can go “hang at the Mall together”. Carry has a caringbridge site maybe you can get one too. If you already have one send us the link. Carries is
      Take Care of yourself, and stay strong.

  • Hanna

    I was diagnosed with the same (UES of the Liver) tumour in July 2009 when I was 14, I had 9 courses of chemotherapy with surgery and finished treatment april 2010. What treatment is Carrie on? I was on IVA-DO (Ifosfomide, vincristine, actinimycin D, and Doxorubin) for the first 4 courses then just IVA for last 5. They changed to IVA after I had the tumour removed in November 2009.
    I am now 9 months in remission and have just had my check-ups changed to every 3 months rather than every 6-7weeks so things are heading in the right direction. I also get X-Ray and ultrasounds every 3 months and an MRI every 6 months.
    Hope everything for Carrie goes well, Take care

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