to all teens living with cancer

As a survivor of cancer and a member of the TLC group, welcome to our webpage. Teens living with cancer really has helped me through some tough times and its a great organization.

  • Natalie Stone

    There are many days I wake up and ask why me? what 19 year old has to battle for her life everyday. Well this nightmare is my reality Along With so many more just like me. We become immune to lifes little threats and are swormed with words beyond our knowledge, people looking at us funny and the worst, forgetting who we are.

    • destiney

      hi my name and is destiney how we found out i had canncer !
      i was at my uncle house playing a game then started ackting weired my mom and my step dad were at dinner then they came my mom and grandall rushed me to hermin staed four days
      one day my mom went to get her lunch from cafaterya and over heared the doctor talking and they said i had canncer but never told us! so left there and went to md andersin canncer cennter and they had never seen any child like me i have a JPA tomer raped a round my brain stim but now im in remishin when i was 7 they said i had 1 year to live and im still here hermin said that ! BUT now im 12 years old and in re mishion ! !!!!!!!1

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