Hey everybody…

I’m not a teen, but I coordinate activities here in Rochester NY for teen cancer survivors…and I’m a two time cancer survivor myself.

It’s not easy to deal with all the regular stuff in life…then add cancer and it’s like somebody just dumped a watermelon on your already overloaded paper plate. How’s that analogy? 

Anyway, I want everybody here to know that you are not alone…and that simply by connecting with others here you can find ways to deal with all this cancer stuff. Keep hanging in there…you have a lot to share.

  • roxy

    hey! if you get chemo and your facial hair falls out and you’re self concious about it, eyebrow pencils are really good for drawing on eyebrows. you get the hang of it really quickly and most are quite cheap. Theres alot for you to deal with but having that extra bit of confidence about your appearence can’t hurt :)

  • http://www.jamesvaidyanhealing.com Vaidyan


    I am eager to participate with integrated treatment programs of any treatment centers in the US. I am an Ayurveda Vaidya (indigenous medicine practitioner) treating leukemia. This is a much superior healing therapeutic (in efficacy and in potential merits, with out side effects)than any other treatment available any where. I want to help people, especially children, who are suffering from leukemia and other cancers.

    Vaidyan from Cochin, India. http://www.vaidyamedha.com

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